Abandoning a million annual salary to sell cars and houses, he is the most complete SaaS platform for auto parts


Abandoned millions of years to sell cars, he made the most complete auto parts SaaS platform
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         Hao Dingwen really is the automotive industry, "Laojianghu".
        He was headhunting "sell" three times, respectively, into the Guanghui car, is the car and Rundong car inauguration.
        Prior to this, Hao Dingwen and the car has long been "knot beam". Years of accumulation, so Hao Dingwen in the field of automotive work handy, his last career is China's largest luxury car dealer group "Rundong Automobile Group", after the company listed, he also felt "do the car professional managers do head The "determined to start a business.
        Hao Dingwen will be transferred to the field of vision abroad, after research, he found in the United States Dallas auto parts query platform Solera has 90 million auto parts SKU, and provide collision maintenance valuation, motor vehicle historical data, parts ordering and other services, successfully listed in 2007.
        The other hand, the market is not a corresponding size of the auto parts data platform. Hao Dingwen collecting the domestic online auto parts company model, found that the basic are "not practical": the upstream supply chain integration capacity is poor, the downstream accessories query demand can not be met, still remain in the extensive pattern of matching transactions. And ultimately to the "money subsidies", that is, by subsidizing the way upstream, to the lower reaches of the purchase price of accessories. Hao Dingwen know that this model "palliative".
        2015, Hao Dingwen holding a car, selling funds set up a "car through the cloud" to SaaS cut into 4S shop, maintenance plant to provide auto parts inquiries and transactions, vehicle set loss of business, build and improve the database, the establishment of "financial cloud warehouse "To provide financial services to auto parts suppliers.
        This model is also recognized by the capital, the car through the cloud by the latitude and longitude venture capital investment, rich capital, ceramic capital and wheat Teng venture capital investment 50 million yuan investment.
       At present, the car is a new round of financing.
Build a database of parts
        During the car dealer work, Hao Dingwen has managed more than a dozen BMW 4S shop, but the deserted passenger flow prompted him to think about the reasons behind.
        Hao Dingwen take the initiative to find insurance companies docked various types of accident vehicles to enhance the amount of store maintenance, but the store staff told even if all kinds of vehicle maintenance technology the same, but "no parts query system", can not accurately know the accident car accessories , And thus can not buy the corresponding parts for nuclear price, maintenance, resulting in 4S shop repair capacity vacant.
        The reason, subject to accessory inquiries and other constraints, 4S shop can only repair the service of its OEM factory brand vehicles. Hao Dingwen thinking, if you can use a system to get through all the 4S shop and other parts of the maintenance of parts between the information, may help ease the problem of overcapacity maintenance.
        So, in 2015, he set up a "car through the cloud" for the 4S shop, maintenance plant to provide auto parts SaaS query system, to achieve intelligent parts search, that is, visual way to different parts of the body and parts associated with One by one correspondence, the customer entered the vehicle model, according to the accident vehicle damage parts, in the car through the cloud page of the vehicle model map click on the corresponding location, will be able to get the relevant parts name, accessories coding and other related information.
        Although the auto parts is a standard product, but the amount of data is mixed, the construction of the database is difficult, but also barriers.
        After a year and a half, the vehicle through the cloud team for the development of vehicle accessory data, including all kinds of vehicle models from 1985 to date parts data, at present, the vehicle has all the car brand model SKU.
        But rely on SaaS system to achieve the lower ceiling. In a process of communication with customers, Hao Dingwen found a lot of 4S shop or maintenance plant in the hope that after the inquiry can be directly under the single purchase, in addition, SaaS system based on the additional trading links, with the basis of the scene. A new entrepreneurial layout gradually in the brains of Hao Dingwen started.

Three steps to build a moat
        This map of the first force in the introduction of auto parts suppliers of various parts of the original code and price.
        The traditional parts of the transaction, is the 4S shop or repair shop workers will accident car damage parts for handwritten, and then look for parts coding and price, "the whole search, the transaction process needs to go through 10 to 15 suppliers, which lasted 3 days about."
        And the vehicle will be parts of the structure, the demand side of the input model and other related data, will be able to automatically match the vehicle cloud database in the coding, generate orders sent to the supply chain center, "only 15 minutes."
        For the heavier model of the automotive industry, the line of the store's ability to deploy resources should not be overlooked.
        At present, the vehicle has been in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, the establishment of the supply chain center of the physical store, on the one hand, collecting local suppliers of parts prices, on the other hand, accept the order after the price check and delivery. "Line supply chain center is the role of '0 inventory', downstream 4S shop, maintenance shop orders, the vehicle through the cloud to inform the upstream delivery to the supply chain center, from the supply chain center inspection, delivery to the downstream "
        Based on the information and prices of a set of databases is increasingly perfect, Hao Dingwen will be the second landing point on the vehicle valuation business. Hao Dingwen insurance data docking into the car through the cloud, 4S shop, maintenance plant input vehicle license plate number, the accidental damage structure of the vehicle will be automatically transferred out. 4S shop, maintenance plant damaged parts according to the accident damage parts selected variable loss program.
        Access to adequate supplier parts and price information, and downstream 4S shop, maintenance plant transaction needs, Hao Dingwen will be the third step in the establishment of "financial cloud warehouse."
Compared to the new car, second-hand car loans, the auto parts of the non-standard properties, decided that it can not be packaged into a fixed asset mortgage bank to achieve lending. Hao Dingwen conversion thinking: find out the accessories supplier inventory, price, pass the cloud to obtain its transaction price information, and its value to assess. Bank reference vehicle traffic cloud provided by the assessment results, to the supplier supplier financial credit.
        Once the supplier appears to overdue the loan, the vehicle will buy back the merchandise and help the supplier to repay the bank. "The equivalent of the bank to bear the risk of 0, the value of the car through the cloud assessment, three repurchase and distribution channels of the three sword, you can fundamentally solve the supply chain financial risk problem .."
        Completion of the three-step chess is the basis for improving the parts and components, Hao Dingwen will be the elite of the road into the car through the clouds, and then capture the database this "city".
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